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Graduate Students

Picture of  Amitay Bar
Amitay Bar
Reserch Title:
Geometric Methods in Reinforcement Learning
Picture of  Ori Katz
Ori Katz
Reserch Title:
Multi-modal Data Analysis with Diffusion Operators
Picture of  Almog Lahav
Almog Lahav
Reserch Title:
Optimal Transport on Manifolds for Domain Adaptation and Metric Learning
Direct track
Picture of  Ya-Wei Lin
Ya-Wei Lin
Picture of  Ido Cohen
Ido Cohen
Reserch Title:
Multi-Graph Signal Processing
Picture of  Emil Bronstein
Emil Bronstein
Reserch Title:
Novel methods for measurement and data-driven analysis of acoustic and magnetic emissions
Principal supervisor: Prof. Doron Shilo
Picture of  Benjamin Gutman
Benjamin Gutman
Principal supervisor: Prof. Mirela Ben-Chen
Picture of  Adi Arbel
Adi Arbel
Reserch Title:
Holomorphic Interpolation Schemes for Multimodal Manifold Learning
Picture of  Shay Shimonov
Shay Shimonov
Reserch Title:
Kernel Scale Selection with Geometric Approximation for Multimodal Data Analysis
Picture of  Avigail Cohen-Rimon
Avigail Cohen-Rimon
Reserch Title:
Geometry-based Dynamic Connectiv- ity Analysis of Biological Neural Networks
Co-supervisor: Prof. Jackie Schiller
Picture of  Tamir Yampolsky
Tamir Yampolsky
Reserch Title:
Domain adaptation with optimal transport and polar factorization
Picture of  Yuval Silman
Yuval Silman
Reserch Title:
Anomaly Detection in Multi-modal Data Using Geometry Learning
Picture of  Itay Zach
Itay Zach
Reserch Title:
Graph signal processing based on continuous domain analysis
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tsvi Dvorkind
Team: CurrentAlumni