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Graduate Students

Picture of  Amitay Bar
Amitay Bar
Reserch Title:
Geometric Methods in Reinforcement Learning
Picture of  Ori Katz
Ori Katz
Reserch Title:
Multi-modal Data Analysis with Diffusion Operators
Picture of  Almog Lahav
Almog Lahav
Reserch Title:
Optimal Transport on Manifolds for Domain Adaptation and Metric Learning
Direct track
Picture of  Bracha Laufer-Goldstein
Bracha Laufer-Goldstein
Reserch Title:
Manifold Learning Techniques for Source Localization and Beamforming
Direct track, principal supervisor: Prof. Sharon Gannot
Picture of  Or Yair
Or Yair
Reserch Title:
Geometry Learning for Data-Driven Analysis of Dynamical Systems
Direct track
Picture of  Tal Shnitzer
Tal Shnitzer
Reserch Title:
Time-series Analysis Based on Geometric Signal Modeling
Direct track
Picture of  Ya-Wei Lin
Ya-Wei Lin
Picture of  Ido Cohen
Ido Cohen
Picture of  Lior Aloni
Lior Aloni
Reserch Title:
Representation and metric learning with geometric and topological analysis
Principal supervisor: Prof. Omer Bobrowski
Picture of  Aviad Wiegner
Aviad Wiegner
Reserch Title:
Prediction of stochastic dynamical systems using Koopman operator analysis
Picture of  Joumana Silbak
Joumana Silbak
Reserch Title:
Revealing the dynamic connectivity underlying high-dimensional time series
Picture of  Adi Arbel
Adi Arbel
Reserch Title:
Holomorphic Interpolation Schemes for Multimodal Manifold Learning
Picture of  Shay Shimonov
Shay Shimonov
Reserch Title:
Kernel Scale Selection with Geometric Approximation for Multimodal Data Analysis
Picture of  Ohad Rahamim
Ohad Rahamim
Reserch Title:
System identification with the Koopman operator
Team: CurrentAlumni