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Picture of  Dr. Joseph Picard
Dr. Joseph Picard
Reserch Title:
Array Processing with Riemannian Geometry

Graduate Students

Picture of  Amitay Bar
Amitay Bar
Reserch Title:
Riemannian Geometry and Manifold Analysis in Reinforcement Learning, Signal Processing, and Optimization
Picture of  Ya-Wei Lin
Ya-Wei Lin
Reserch Title:
Hyperbolic Geometry in Machine Learning
Picture of  Ido Cohen
Ido Cohen
Reserch Title:
Multi-Graph Signal Processing
Picture of  Emil Bronstein
Emil Bronstein
Reserch Title:
Novel methods for measurement and data-driven analysis of acoustic and magnetic emissions
Principal supervisor: Prof. Doron Shilo
Picture of  David Cohen
David Cohen
Reserch Title:
Geometric Methods with Applications to Feature Selection and Individual Treatment Effect
Picture of  Yehonatan-Itay Segman
Yehonatan-Itay Segman
Reserch Title:
Time-frequency Representation Using the Geometry of Time-delay Embedding
Picture of  Adi Arbel
Adi Arbel
Reserch Title:
Holomorphic Interpolation Schemes for Multimodal Manifold Learning
Picture of  Gal Maman
Gal Maman
Reserch Title:
Optimal Domain Adaptation on Riemannian Manifolds using Procrustes Analysis
Picture of  Bar Weiss
Bar Weiss
Reserch Title:
Scalable Sensor Fusion via a Reference Subset
Picture of  Or Cohen
Or Cohen
Picture of  Harel Mendelman
Harel Mendelman
Picture of  Yoav Harris
Yoav Harris
Reserch Title:
Sparse dictionary learning optimized for behavior prediction: an integrated framework for learning sparse neuronal events encoding behavior
Co-supervisor: Dr. Hadas Benisy
Team: CurrentAlumni